Top 3 places to visit on Road to Hana

HIGHLIGHTS - The Road to Hana is all about the journey and not the destination. It is about exploring and discovering hidden gems along the way. My recommendations are: Twin Falls (beautiful waterfall), Wai’anapanapa State Park(Black Sand Beach), Seven Sacred Pools (‘Ohe’o Gulch aka “Seven Sacred Pools”) and Town of Pa'ia (great seafood and cute surf shops).

Town of Pa'ia / Great Seafood and Surf Shops

This was our favorite place to get food quickly before and after our daily adventures. Head to Cafe Mambo for specialty sandwiches you can pick up to take on the trip. In addition to having our sandwiches, we stopped at several stands along the road that served  banabread, fresh fruit, coffee and shaved ice.
After a long day of exploration our first choice to refuel is Paia Fish Market. The fish tacos and ahi tuna burgers are amazingly fresh and flavorful. I wish I had snapped a photo but instead I devoured my meal in minutes.
If you need an outfit for the road to hana including a bikini there are great surf shops in Pa'ia:
Pa'ia: San Lorenzo bikini shop has foam hats with sayings such as ALOHA, JAWS etc. I got the JAWS hat which refers to the strongest waves on the Road to Hana. These hats are seen all over the island.
Favorite Fashion Piece of the Trip - JAWS foam hat - see other options below:

TWIN FALLS / Waterfall 

Most people go as their first stop but my boyfriend and I decided to go to Twin Falls on our way back from Hana it was far less crowded at 4pm. We had just missed the smoothie truck that serves fruit popsicles and fresh juices.

5 Maui tips for Haleakala national park, biking down volcano

Today I am have a case of the winter blues and I am seriously missing Maui! When this happens I usually look through recent trip pictures to get me through! Figured I would share some of my favorite things about Maui for the smart people who book a resort trip there this year!
I have yet to be to Kaui but its on my list! Not having seen Kaui, Maui is one of the most beautiful places on earth! And there is so much to do to explore which is really important to me. When I am on vacation I need to feel connected to nature and the outdoors. The best vacation is one where I can find amazing food to reward myself. I love eating great food after a long vigorous hike in the rainforest, such as the waterfall hike to twin falls on Road to Hana, or a bike ride down Haleakala national park, a volcano in Maui. 
Here is one of my past trip highlights!


One of the most beautiful things we did was to take a tour to the top of Haleakala national park, which is a volcano. We watched the sunrise above the clouds and then biked down. The bike down was amazing and at sometimes scary, or I guess just thrilling! A lifetime memory I'll never forget! There are several tours that will organize for you to bike down in a group or solo. We choose solo because we wanted to be able to go at our own pace and we wanted to be able to stop and take photos along the way. Once big regret is that we didn't get a Gopro! There are too many beautiful views to not have one...Speaking of that I need to add Gopro to my wish list for my Birthday this year!

5 Tips For the Sunrise Bike Tour:

  1. Get sleep - We had to wake up at 1:30/2am to get ourselves awake and to the tour guide office - there were waivers to sign and bikes to be assigned. I am not fun to be around on little sleep so I made sure I was out like a light by 9pm...I figured we are on vacation, there will be time to take a nap on the beach afterwards.
  2. Bring Sunglasses - I forgot has happened before and is a bad habit of mine!! Luckily there was a pair I was able to borrow from the lost and found. I must have had some good karma that day because I can't image not being able to see at the top...and the whole thing about not staring directly into the sun...even though its so hard to avoid when you are looking at an amazing sunset!!
  3. Bring Snacks and water - I brought a granola bar and plenty of water - not just for biking fuel and hydration but also for the elevation. Whenever I am at high altitudes I get really dehydrated quickly!
  4. Jacket and Backpack - When we were at the top I was FREEZING! People had warned me before I went but I somehow managed to underdress....maybe I am a person who is perpetually always cold in most situations....which is probably why I love LA so much! Once you start biking down the mountain things warm up quickly and you'll be glad you have the backpack to put your jacket and layers in.
  5. Gopro - as mentioned above...seriously regret not having one!
Would love to hear your story and tips for visiting Haleakala national park, a volcano in Maui! If you are planning to go any have any questions post below.

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