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My latest passion for fashion is creating Custom Fashion Illustrations.  I never knew having an Etsy Store would be so fun, and that I would get to work directly with so many people. I love helping people by creating a custom gift for one of their friends that is unique and personal to them.

I love the idea of helping create one of a kind gifts that are fashion inspired - especially because the world of fashion can sometimes be very focused on mass production driven. Creating these custom illustrations is my way to connect back to the romance of fashion.

One of my most recent projects is for Shop Refine. The owner is a talented fashionista, Tanya Semsar who asked me to work on an ad for her that is going in a magazine. Her shop is appointment based shopping in the DC area. I loved working on this project with her.  She reached out to me with photos of the outfit she wanted to have illustrated. I then sent her a draft and incorporated her feedback. Was so excited to see the final product in DC Modern Luxury magazine!

You can see my process below:

3 ways to dress up a plaid shirt

Fashion Illustration

One great thing about plaid is that it is a fun fall/winter staple that never goes out of style. Most girls wear a plaid shirt back to denim because its easy and comfy. One underutilized aspect of plaid is that it can be dressed up. In my mind this is the best combination - Plaid comfy paired with a heel and a cute skirt. Here are three different ways to wear plaid with a skirt. Would love to hear more about your favorite plaid looks!

Review of Alta Ski Mountain - Pros and Cons

Pros to skiing Alta: 
The views are picturesque - tried to capture some of the beauty in above picture
Despite the drive, we skied Alta two days out of three. We are both skiers and the trails on Alta have tons of powder due to it being a skied only mountain. For that reason it is a little easier to ski in the trees. Skiing in the trees is something I just started doing so I need to have lots and lots of open spaces in between the trees. I like Alta because I can ski in a little bit in the trees without committing to full on alpine skiing. Also, Alta feels a little less windy than Park City. 

48hr travel guide / SF / Sand Francisco - bike to Sausalito

SATURDAY / Bike to Sausalito

One of the best parts about SF is that you can bike over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. If you are up for the hilly bike trek, you can reward yourself with an delicious meal at Bar Bocce. in addition to the bocce court, there is a fire pit and beach spot that the restaurant opens up to which fills up with minglers. 
Bike Route - For a detailed guide of SF to Sausalito bike route click here 

For our biking adventure I wore a Bailey 44 cold shoulder top that I designed. The best part about wearing a jersey top with cutouts is that you can feel cute and have some comfort during low intensity workouts. I was happy I had worn this because we stopped at Bar Bocce once we got to Sausalito.Biking Outfit / Similar Jersey top with cutouts below (buy one here)

Bike Path from San Francisco to Sausalito

Movie in the park / 3 essentials to bring / PACKING LIST

Essentials / Movie in the Park

1. Bailey 44 Outfit - Layer with Leather - 
Pictured above: Bailey44 leather jacket, cropped top and A-line leather skirt. Try leather which keeps you warm as a blanket alternative that doesn't let much wind through. The cropped top breaks up the covered look without feeling too bare because of the high waisted skirt.

2. Govino Wine Glasses / unbreakable glasses -
Pictured above: Govino - go anywhere wine glasses, 4pack for $22.95 / Apothic Red - one of my favorite wines offered at Trader Joes at an accessible price point, 9.95. These pictured above are great because the indent in the plastic tumblers makes up for the lace of stem to hold.

3. Telescope Casual Chairs / Low profile folding lawn chairs Pictured above:Telescope Casual - Sun and Sand Folding Beach Chair $61.87. These chairs are great for socializing in that you can still carry on a pre-movie conversation with your friends that prefer sitting on a blanket as the legs are very low. 

Best Brunch SF / FOODIE LIFE / San Francisco - Jane on Fillmore

Jane on Fillmore /  2123 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115

Jane on Fillmore with its salads that have come to be known as "healthy and delicious."  The downstairs seating is laptop free making mealtime a priority till 3pm daily. There is additional seating upstairs for those who want to do work or surf the net. 

YELP REVIEWS  - Click on quotes below to go to yelp page with reviews

PACKING LIST / Danner Fall Hiking Boots / Functional and Fashionable

I love hiking in the fall - especially where I grew up in the northeast. I was just home this past weekend and the leaves were so beautiful. Below I have selected a few boots that are either for function or for fun (if your not interested in getting into the great outdoors).


Image Credit:

Image Credit:

Packing List / Mammouth Ski Mountain - Budget Ski Outfit

About a year ago I moved to Los Angeles, California from New York City. Having grown up in New England I love to ski. It is one of my favorite winter sports as it gives me a way to get outdoors in the winter and stay active, fit and healthy. There is barely a winter in LA and I still crave being in the snow and embracing the change in seasons. Luckily there is beautiful Mammouth ski mountain located 6hrs north (if driving), and roughly 1hr and 15 mins (if flying).
This year I needed a new ski outfit for two major reasons. One reason is that my old New Yorker ski outfit was all black and since moving to LA I have incorporated a little more color in my wardrobe...its hard to wear all black in the bright sun! The second reason is for safety reasons. I like to know that the other people in my ski group can spot me up or down the mountain so that we don't get lost, or accidentally abandoned. The week leading up to this trip I didn't have much time to pick out an outfit and was pleasantly surprised my boyfriend picked out such a good ski outfit with very little direction!

Jacket and Pants are from Sports Authority
Jacket and Pants are from Sports Authority


One thing about skiing is I always want to have the best gear for functionality and for looking cute while working out. Usually when those things are combined the price is high. Wanting to ski a lot, I try to cut corners on spending money when I can. If price were not a factor I would be buying everything off Netaporter. I have another blog post on my my ideal chic ski outfit. If you are in a pinch for a cute ski outfit and don't want to spend a ton of money check out this ski jacket and ski pant option
  • JACKET - Gerry Women's Anne Systems Jacket - 
    • Solid jacket in a bright color, 100% Polyester with convertible two-piece jacket featuring detachable drawstring hood and contrast inserts at sleeves and zippers, hook-and-loop adjustable cuffs. 

Packing List / Best Boot for Winter Ski Trip

Ski Trip - Best Mountain Boot this winter

Recently I went on a trip to Mammouth Mountain (separate blog post soon to come), for the first time this season. I loved how beautiful the mountain is and how much snow they had especially in November. The one thing I really needed though was a warm pair of boots. I then did some investigating into what makes for a warm and fashionable winter mountain boot. See below for what I found about my new favorite boot - the Sorel Women's Joan of Artic boot. I love the color and the price at $170 - an affordable investment. I alway think about purchases as investments...meaning what am I investing in? Here I know that with this boot I am investing something that will keep me dry/warm and looking cute on the mountain. When I am skiing I want to look like somewhat feminine while being sporty. Just because I may be a tomboy doesn't mean I need to let go of femininity all together.

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