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About a year ago I moved to Los Angeles, California from New York City. Having grown up in New England I love to ski. It is one of my favorite winter sports as it gives me a way to get outdoors in the winter and stay active, fit and healthy. There is barely a winter in LA and I still crave being in the snow and embracing the change in seasons. Luckily there is beautiful Mammouth ski mountain located 6hrs north (if driving), and roughly 1hr and 15 mins (if flying).
This year I needed a new ski outfit for two major reasons. One reason is that my old New Yorker ski outfit was all black and since moving to LA I have incorporated a little more color in my wardrobe...its hard to wear all black in the bright sun! The second reason is for safety reasons. I like to know that the other people in my ski group can spot me up or down the mountain so that we don't get lost, or accidentally abandoned. The week leading up to this trip I didn't have much time to pick out an outfit and was pleasantly surprised my boyfriend picked out such a good ski outfit with very little direction!

Jacket and Pants are from Sports Authority
Jacket and Pants are from Sports Authority


One thing about skiing is I always want to have the best gear for functionality and for looking cute while working out. Usually when those things are combined the price is high. Wanting to ski a lot, I try to cut corners on spending money when I can. If price were not a factor I would be buying everything off Netaporter. I have another blog post on my my ideal chic ski outfit. If you are in a pinch for a cute ski outfit and don't want to spend a ton of money check out this ski jacket and ski pant option
  • JACKET - Gerry Women's Anne Systems Jacket - 
    • Solid jacket in a bright color, 100% Polyester with convertible two-piece jacket featuring detachable drawstring hood and contrast inserts at sleeves and zippers, hook-and-loop adjustable cuffs. 
    • I love that this jacket has a water-repellant and wind-resistant storm shield shell. Paired with the thermocloud insulation lightweight warmth, I find it gets pretty toasty. This is great if you are skiing and don't expect to have a mild winter day with some sun out. This is not idea for really really cold and really really rainy weather!
    • I love having some distinction on the mountain, mainly for safety purposes (so my friends can find me if I wipe out). Also, I am happier when skiing in something other than all black. That being said, I like simple to find a simple distinction as I get tired of certain prints and designs that are too trendy or busy. Buying ski gear is not cheap and therefore should be treated as an investment. The best investments stand the test of time which is why I stay away from anything to trendy looking. My strategy is to go for a simple monocramatic designed chic ski jacket (something with stripes minimal colorblocking) or to do for a solid pretty color.
  • BOTTOMS - If I choose stripes or solid color I will still pair my jacket with solid bottoms. I have always gotten black pants my entire life for skiing. This was the first time I skiied in white pants and I have to say it was so fun to change things up.
  • BOOTS for Apres Ski - It was cold at night and the one thing I wish I had was really warm boots. I did some research when I got back and found the Sorel Joan of Arctic boot to be the best - see my Sorel Winter Boot Review

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