Movie in the park / 3 essentials to bring / PACKING LIST

Essentials / Movie in the Park

1. Bailey 44 Outfit - Layer with Leather - 
Pictured above: Bailey44 leather jacket, cropped top and A-line leather skirt. Try leather which keeps you warm as a blanket alternative that doesn't let much wind through. The cropped top breaks up the covered look without feeling too bare because of the high waisted skirt.

2. Govino Wine Glasses / unbreakable glasses -
Pictured above: Govino - go anywhere wine glasses, 4pack for $22.95 / Apothic Red - one of my favorite wines offered at Trader Joes at an accessible price point, 9.95. These pictured above are great because the indent in the plastic tumblers makes up for the lace of stem to hold.

3. Telescope Casual Chairs / Low profile folding lawn chairs Pictured above:Telescope Casual - Sun and Sand Folding Beach Chair $61.87. These chairs are great for socializing in that you can still carry on a pre-movie conversation with your friends that prefer sitting on a blanket as the legs are very low. 

Street Food Cinema

Schedule  - There are lots of great movies in Los Angeles including: American Beauty, Ferris Buler's Day off, Jaws, Bridesmaids, Purple Rain, The Royal Tenenbaums, Mean Girls, Office Space, The Sandlot, The Big Lebowski, Scarface, Back to the Future and Fightclub.
Some tips:
1. Get there early to get a good spot and to listen to live music before the movie starts. There is also a reserved section you can pay extra for if you prefer to sit up close ($12 general admission, $17 for reserved seating). If you can't plan on getting there on time make sure to bring dinner. As tempting as it is to get food at the truck, the line is usually very long. We ended up getting a bit hangry waiting an hour til we were able to get our food as the lines move slowly. 
2. You can rent a chair for $5 each and $10 for a blanket if you don't feel like lugging around gear or if you are headed out for a night cap afterwards. 
3. Don't forget BYOB as the food trucks don't serve alcohol.
4. Great idea for a group get-together or birthday party - For reservation of large groups contact the office here.

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