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My latest passion for fashion is creating Custom Fashion Illustrations.  I never knew having an Etsy Store would be so fun, and that I would get to work directly with so many people. I love helping people by creating a custom gift for one of their friends that is unique and personal to them.

I love the idea of helping create one of a kind gifts that are fashion inspired - especially because the world of fashion can sometimes be very focused on mass production driven. Creating these custom illustrations is my way to connect back to the romance of fashion.

One of my most recent projects is for Shop Refine. The owner is a talented fashionista, Tanya Semsar who asked me to work on an ad for her that is going in a magazine. Her shop is appointment based shopping in the DC area. I loved working on this project with her.  She reached out to me with photos of the outfit she wanted to have illustrated. I then sent her a draft and incorporated her feedback. Was so excited to see the final product in DC Modern Luxury magazine!

You can see my process below:

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